We are pleased to inform you of our company’s recent move to the vibrant Techboard community in Modena, Italy, an innovative space that is home to several companies and startups in a state-of-the-art building called E-HUB.
Techboard is a company has embarked on its own journey in the world of electronics. It specializes in manufacturing electronic boards and designing innovative applications in the hi-tech field.
In addition to its involvement in electronics, the company has consolidated its prominent position in video surveillance and the development of integrated systems to optimize industrial production processes. Their relentless curiosity led them to create, in 2019, the start-up incubator E HUB, a place dedicated to innovative ideas in the hi-tech sphere within which our office is located.
Within the E-HUB itself we also have a laboratory in which our collaborative robots used for research, education, training and process testing purposes are located.