In May 2023, FANUC Italy kicked off the first edition of the Fanuc Olympics, an exciting industrial robotics competition dedicated to students from technical and vocational schools.
This event provided an unprecedented opportunity for the best pairs of students from 13 Secondary Schools selected by FANUC, offering them high-level hands-on training through the execution of exercises that met the highest international standards.
During these two intense days of tests and practical trials, two highly motivated Ideativa trainees, Riccardo Dallevi and Matteo Letizia, had the honor of participating. Their participation not only broadened their professional skills, but also enriched their personal background through the challenges they faced with determination and commitment.
Prior to the event at FANUC, we dedicated a full week to provide targeted training to the boys, preparing them as best they could to face the challenges ahead by ensuring they acquired the skills they needed to excel.