The incorporation of machine vision and manipulation processes in biomedical environments and analytical laboratories is increasingly in demand.
During his internship period, trainee Riccardo Dallevi, from ITS Biomedicale in Mirandola, realized a collaborative application with our FANUC CRX-20iA/L robot for color recognition of liquids inside laboratory tubes.
The robot in this specific case is connected to a color sensor placed inside a stand on the work surface for checking the contents of test tubes.
Below is a brief description of the main steps of the application:

  • Tube Collection and Color Recognition.
    The robot begins by collecting test tubes from an entry area and using the color sensor, the robot analyzes the contents of each tube to determine the color of the liquid.
  • Decision, classification and sorting
    Based on the color detected, the robot makes a decision on the category or type of the liquid and, sorts the test tubes into specific racks.

The collaborative application in question thus possesses the advantage of automating a process that might require human time and attention, reducing the risk of errors and improving the overall efficiency of the laboratory.